Freshslice prides itself on just that – freshly sourced, quality ingredients. Each pizza is crafted with care and served with pride knowing we use the highest quality ingredients, made specifically for your taste.

Multigrain Dough

A quality pizza crust can make all the difference. At FRESHSLICE, we use a special multigrain dough to craft most of our pizzas. Our dough treatment process will leave you feeling better about choosing FRESHSLICE.

FRESHSLICE uses a proprietary system to treat its world class pizza dough. We make the dough in-house, then treat it through our multi-million dollar dough system that weakens the gluten.

The result is a dough that is easier to digest and reduces the impact of gluten on your digestive system. Best of all, the result is a unique flavour which is sure to please even the most discerning pizza lover.

Gluten-free Dough

Our cauliflower crust may be the best gluten-free option crust in the business. If you have a gluten allergy, you don’t have to feel left out anymore when it comes to ordering pizza. Enjoy any medium pizza on a cauliflower crust if you so desire.

Pizza Sauce

Classic Tomato, Creamy White sauce or right in between with Rose, we have the perfect sauce for your tastes. This is the foundation for your perfect pizza so choose your favourite.

Real Fresh Cheese

Taste and quality matter. That is why we only use 100% Canadian cheese so you can enjoy a cheese that is delicious and produced from high-grade pasteurized milk.
Our vegan cheese is made with plant-based milk and an assortment of plant-based ingredients yet still as creamy and satisfying as any other cheese.

Vegetable Toppings

Our vegetables are picked farm fresh for Freshslice. Our tangy onions, vibrant green and red peppers to the perfect slice of mushroom. Pick from 11 options, event flam roasted corn!


Meat Toppings

You deserve nothing but the best, and that includes the best meat toppings for your pizza. These are the 7 best meaty add-ons known to mankind. Our perfect for pizza meats, the classic pepperoni to the universally loved bacon, you can choose the six best toppings known to pizza.

The Result

FRESHSLICE Pizza is the ultimate crowd-pleaser!

Flavourful sauces, real cheeses, and fresh toppings all spread on a delicious multigrain crust equals comfort food at its finest. FRESHSLICE pizza offers recipes for every type of pizza-loving palette. Our well balanced flavours and super fresh ingredients are crafted just for you. We are confident you’ll find the right combination of flavours to satisfy your pizza craving.