Welcome to FRESHSLICE, where we specialize in providing the best pizza and other tasty treats to over 20,000 satisfied guests every day. Founded and started right here in Vancouver, our commitment to quality is unmatched. We only use the freshest and highest quality ingredients, chosen with a focus on both flavour and health-consciousness. Due to our roots in the city, we are locally known for the best pizza in Vancouver.

Our menu is thoughtfully designed to feature locally sourced, seasonal farm-to-table ingredients, ensuring that every bite is bursting with freshness and flavor, reflecting the vibrant culinary scene of Vancouver. We take pride in the quality of the food we serve, and we invite you to experience it for yourself. We offer UNLIMITED TOPPINGS at no extra charge, making FRESHSLICE the only pizza chain to provide this exceptional value. If you haven't yet tried our proprietary-signature multi-grain dough, low-calorie sauces, and perfectly baked cheese, you're in for a real treat. Come and taste the difference that quality ingredients and expert preparation can make - we know you won't be disappointed. Thank you for choosing FRESHSLICE, and we look forward to serving you soon. FRESH LIVES HERE.

Our Awards

freshslice awards
one of the best ‘by the slice’ pizza

Serving Outstanding Pizza in Vancouver

Discover why FRESHSLICE is a standout in Vancouver's pizza scene.Recognized by The Georgia Straight's prestigious reader poll, The Golden Plates, we've proudly earned the title of one of the best 'by the slice' pizza joints in British Columbia for three consecutive years! Whether you're grabbing a quick slice or enjoying a whole pizza, our dedication to quality shines through. Thanks to our accolades and widespread success, discerning pizza lovers across Canada are experiencing firsthand the unparalleled attention to detail we bring to crafting pizzas tailored precisely to your preferences. Indulge in the taste of excellence at FRESHSLICE. Enjoy...

Our History

FRESHSLICE Pizza traces its roots back to 1999 when Ray Russell founded the company in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. Inspired by a quest for fresher flavors, Ray embarked on a journey to redefine pizza preparation. What began as a single restaurant soon blossomed into a thriving 'by the slice' and delivery enterprise. Today, FRESHSLICE continues to uphold its commitment to providing delicious pizza at prices that defy industry standards, ensuring you can savour the pizza you love, more frequently!

While Vancouver remains our proud birthplace, FRESHSLICE has captured the hearts of food enthusiasts nationwide. With over 100 locations across Canada, our team is dedicated to curating truly memorable experiences for our guests. We aspire for you to become regulars, sharing your stories with us as we, in turn, share ours. Above all, our priority is to ensure that each visit leaves you with a remarkable experience, from start to finish.

Freshslice CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Our Senior Leadership Team

Tom Horler

Vice President of Legal Affairs and Special Advisor to the C.E.O.

Tom currently oversees all legal affairs involving the Freshslice family group of companies and advises the C.E.O. in a variety of areas regarding overall operations and growth strategies.


Tom joined Freshslice in 2015 with over 30 years of experience with McDonald’s Corporation as a multi-unit franchisee and senior international marketing executive.

Tom has held many positions within the organization prior to his current position which has included, marketing, operations, real estate, and franchising. Also, Tom is a Director of the Freshslice Cares Association which is a registered Charity whose mandate is to grant funds to children’s sports organizations.

Saf Sandhu

Freshslice System Manager

Saf has been a partner with Freshslice for 9 years as a franchisee and also in various roles in the Head Office.


Currently, he ensures that our best-in-class system continues to develop and maximizes returns for our Franchise Partners.

Frank Alexander

Director of Construction and Project Management

Frank is spearheading Freshslice’s aggressive North American expansion by managing our team of dedicated Project Managers and Draftspersons.


Frank’s expertise ensures that all Freshslice locations are constructed as per our stringent corporate design and quality guidelines in adherence to all municipal by-laws.

Frank’s career in construction and project management has seen him successfully complete over 70 Freshslice locations since he joined the team in 1993.

Hamid Abbaspour

Commissary Manager

Hamid oversees the operations of the Freshslice Commissary located at the Global Headquarters in Burnaby, British Columbia.


A proven leader who thrives on quality control, Hamid has over 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry working in both ownership and management capacities.

Prior to joining the Freshslice Head Office team, Hamid managed various Freshslice locations and was a franchisee who owned and operated a location in downtown Vancouver for over 6 years.

Tamila Khayrullaeva

Senior Accountant and Owner of Freshslice Pizza Restaurants on Robson

Back in her country, Uzbekistan, Tamila was a university professor and Ph.D. in Economics. But she always dreamt of traveling to other countries, especially Canada.


Back then, all she knew about Canada was that it is a beautiful country with friendly people and with boundless opportunities for those who were willing to work hard.

Here she is after 10 years of being in Canada, the proud owner of Freshslice Business.

Sai Parlakurla

Business Coach and District Manager

Sai is a competent Human Resource Professional with extensive 11 Plus years of experience in Freshslice at various roles.


He’s one of our Senior Business Coaches/ District Manager overlooking 30 plus Freshslice Locations and has produced some remarkable results at Franchisee & Corporate locations during his tenure.

He is directly involved in Coaching New Partners & existing Franchisees to understand the essence of having Solid Operations, Strong implementation of the Freshslice System & then the location that can greatly influence the success of your locations.

He is also responsible to conduct Evaluations and guide you towards success by helping you in writing and Implementing a solid Business Plan.

+800 more dedicated global team members

Our Passion

Since our inception, FRESHSLICE has been driven by an insatiable passion for pizza. Our journey began in Vancouver, where we proudly pioneered the concept of "pizza by the slice." However, at the heart of FRESHSLICE lies a steadfast commitment to delivering irresistibly delicious pizza at prices that won't strain your wallet. We thrive on innovation, constantly seeking ways to elevate your dining experience, all while treating our guests with the utmost respect and delivering unbeatable value. Our singular objective? To serve you mouth-watering, nutritious, and freshly prepared pizza without compromise.

Our Mission

Freshslice Mission

Our Vision

To Become The Starbucks of Pizza

Our Values

"FRESH & FRIENDLY; Every Time."

Our Culture