Unlock your potential!

We are looking for established restauranteurs and professional operators to partner with us and introduce our successful national pizza brand to your community.

We know your restaurant can do more.

Our virtual restaurant concept can unlock that potential. Introducing FRESHSLICE Express.
A delivery-only concept serving FRESHSLICE Pizza that you can make in your own kitchen.

Licensing Fee $10,000

Maximize your kitchen's EFFICIENCY

Need equipment? We can provide everything necessary to get started!

Order Process

Simplified, Fast, Efficient

Our team handles menu design, branding, training, marketing, promotions as we do with our franchisees.

Customers find you online via UBER, Doordash, SKIP where they place an order, your team prepares the food and hands it to the driver, that’s it.



  • Add Revenue to Your Existing Kitchen
  • Quick and Easy Start up
  • Significantly Lower Overhead Cost
  • Efficiently Control Labor Costs
  • Serve Our Successful National Pizza Brand in Your Community
  • Lucrative "Delivery Kitchen Only" Workflow
  • Any Kitchen Works
  • Proven Business Plan and Marketing Support